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All it boils down to in that link is the fact that offenders have the drop on the victims most of the time.
In self defense, aggressors always have the luxury of the initiative. They know what they intend to do and to whom and when and where before they even draw a weapon. They may not always "have the drop", but the defender has no business pulling a gun unless he or she is clearly faced with imminent danger.

So the 70% hit rate they have over the victim's 40% hit rate, is in my opinion not a matter of skill. It's more a matter of them always having the upper hand in choosing their victim and drawing their weapon first.
"More a matter" is a matter of degree, but if a 40% of violent criminal actors have had formal training and 80% do practice regularly, I would not completely discount the "matter of skill."

And the study does rather convincingly debunk the assumption of "poor training."

Not that much training is needed at bad breath distance....
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