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No the trigger was not set, pulling it had no affect in the previous malfunction. I had most likely erroneously determined that the faulty cycle was not in battery because it would not *allow* me to fire, but I believe now it was that the trigger was not set and therefore could not allow me to fire.

He said that it was caused by the fact that because I was having to pull too hard forward to trip the trigger, I was absorbing too much of the recoil with my left arm, which got me back to the trigger too quickly, this was causing the bump cycle to occur too fast and outrunning the action on the weapon.

By lightening the trigger, the required force to hold forward is lessened so the felt recoil was higher. I am assuming this also increases the stroke length of the gun reciprocating, distance from finger bridge to trigger for each cycle, etc... Slightly decreasing time between shots and allowing the action to function properly.

It did work, and sounds completely reasonable, so it is hard for me to argue with the logic overall. Since the only issue I had was with the Tulla, the gunsmith warned me this might happen after the trigger job, and since after cleaning up after a meager 40 rounds of said Tulla my hands looked like I had just shined the whole company's boots... I do not see myself having that issue in the future as I do not believe I will ever feed it anymore.

So now I feel fairly certain any time I want to I can just flip a switch, and dump whatever is in or remains in my mag for the fun of it, so mission accomplished.

Thanks all for the input.
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