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JustinBiscuit: I had read nothing about them before I bought one. You might read the description of what happened with my brand-new AO Carbine in late '08. All ammo was factory Remington from Bass Pro.
It is under the topic "What was your first semi-auto rifle"? This never happened to the very used Mini 14, the 30 or the Chinese SKS. I'll take a so-called "Commie junk" SKS any day over an AO carbine.

While the gun was getting the free factory repair, with no explanation of what happened to the bolt, I saw an authentic GI Carbine in a gun store. As soon as the bolt was cycled a couple of times, it was very clear how much stronger and durable the action was in the real, GI rifle.

I should have spent my money on an authentic Carbine, and for less money than the sorry AO cost in '07.
You realize that with a little paperwork, you can buy a nice Service Grade Garand from the CMP for about $650, and after several weeks, shipped to your door? No C&R required at all. The CMP's M2 Ball ammo is .50/rd. and reloadable.

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