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Ive had issues with three different AK's and the cheap US made "compliance" trigger parts that were installed in them. Parts breakage was the issue with two of them, trigger slap the other.

I would take a close look at the trigger group and see that something isnt broken, or damaged. A good flushing with something like Gun Scrubber would be a good start. Maybe it is just something as simple as crud (you do clean you rifle, right? ) in the receiver and trigger group.

If you find there is something broken, Red Star Arms makes a very nice replacement trigger that, next to the original parts that were removed (the ones replaced with compliance parts), is one of the better replacement triggers Ive used. They are a tad salty, but they work as advertised.

Ive also tried the Tapco G2 (in my WASR), but had problems with it not working properly, and have since removed it. In this case, those crappy compliance parts actually work better, and are a nicer trigger.
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