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@ Quentin2 Yep if I could buy for the same price the same gun from colt or DD I would . The Del-Ton does go for $900 here the colt $1150 and my LGS does not have DD . My LGS is a franchise and they order a lot of Del_ton's . That may be why they can sell them for that price .
Actually I put together a Daniel Defense build three years ago for about $1000. It's very much like the BCM Mod 0 but is a lightweight midlength and has a hammer forged barrel. The lower started as a stripped S&W M&P-15 and was finished with DD, BCM and Magpul (MOE grip and CTR stock). The upper is all DD including the BCG. (Well the handguards are Magpul MOE, a rarity on a DD midlength.)

I call it my Dan Wesson AR!
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