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Check out the spec sheet they seem pretty much the same to me . The specs where it counts are virtually identical . I cant find a price on the BCM but at my LGS the Del-Ton goes for $900 .

I'm not arguing , I'm asking what's the difference between the top tier and bottom rung AR here when comparing apples to apples .
Actually that particular DTI Extreme Duty lists for $1030, not $900 (unless your LGS actually can sell them for that considering the hammer forged barrel), which puts it squarely in line with the BCM M4 Mod 0 or Colt LE6920. Not the typical $900 DTI you see at the LGS as it has good specs but I'll take BCM or Colt any day!

Now here's a better question, why pay $1030 for that DTI when you can get the same specs (including CHF) in an $800 PSI?!!

Oh you have to go to bravocompanyusa for sales (right now they're not selling complete rifles I believe but you can do a build.

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