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zukiphile: Right now I'm studying Cooper's "Art Of The Rifle," and the "Complete Book Of Shooting." Are there any other books you suggest.
I do not recall the titles of the books I read on the topic 30 years ago. Since then, I have seen an Army or Marine marksmanship manual that I thought covered the basics well. If memory serves, a lot of that basic advice is repeated in John Plaster's book.

I think there is a substantial advantage to reading about technique over learning about it primarily from other shooters or the Internet.

1. I have asked some very accomplished marksman (in real life, not on this form) for tips and they generally relate such rudimentary advice that all I really learn is that these gentlemen have been doing it for so long that they have forgotten or assumed as an ordinary baseline a lot of what they do.

Reading an author's considered and edited text is bound (no pun) to give one a better top to bottom view of the basics.

2. I believe that if I were to go about learning rifle technique now, I would be confused by the variety of techniques advocated, many of which seem to pertain to three gun competition or room clearing than the three position target shooting that I have subsequently found more interesting. There are lots of texts that describe shooting in those conventional positions.

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