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Nullcone, thanks for your opinion.

Since the helpful people around here have suggested the Browning Buckmark or Ruger SP101/MkIII multiple times, I might consider buying both a .22LR and a larger caliber pistol, in order to avoid getting bored. It depends on the fitting and on the urges I get at the gun shop .

Bullcamp82834 also suggested .357 magnum. The .357 or .38 rounds here are relatively harder to find than any .22LR or 9mm, and considering the 9mm are also less expensive, I prefer to stay with the 9mm for the larger caliber, and maybe move on from there.

As for the .45 ACP, suggested by tomrkba, those are more expensive than 9mm as well, not to mention quite a larger caliber, and I think I'll leave that to later, once I've fully grasped shooting .22LR and gotten some experience with the 9mm.

It's good to hear that the K-frame and the L-frame share a lot with respect to feel. Thanks for the info, MrBorland.

dahermit, while I've never shot any double action/single action pistols, I'm under the impression that a lighter trigger pull once in S/A leads to higher accuracy with enough practice, of course. What I like about DA/SA is that if I can't get used to the initial DA, I could pull the hammer down before firing, and put it into SA. Either way, the Rugers/Brownings at .22LR aren't DA/SA, so I'll have to make do with that I think. I'm pretty much sold on one of these, I just need to put them in my hand at the store before I make a decision.

Like I previously mentioned (this thread is getting pretty long! thanks for all the help!), the only firearm I've ever shot was my cousin's M&P9 PRO, for approximately 1 hour alternating with 2 other people, and at 25 yards the best accuracy I could get to was unimpressive (8.5" x 11" paper riddled with 10 rounds, so maybe 10.5" group hah).
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