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Originally Posted by stormy36
Second City Cop is reporting that the CCW law supersedes all local handgun restriction and as such CPD is no longer accepting CFP applications or registration and that the magazine limits are also no longer being enforced. Had anyone seen this elsewhere? I guess I should probably just call the CPD gun desk and ask, just wondering if anyone had a different source on the current status.
It's my understanding that the concealed carry law preempts home rule statutes with regard to registration, permitting/licensing etc. They can keep home rule "assault weapons" bans. But even those bans are inapplicable for concealed weapons, so they apply to long guns only. Not that I've ever heard of Chicago charging anyone with violating the "assault weapon" ban ever, it's purely symbolic.

I know all the places that used to have CFP classes no longer offer them, and cancelled the ones scheduled. I also can no longer find anything on the Chicago Police site about it.

Article on Chicago gun registration law published in the Chicago Tribune before the new law was passed:
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