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The only other option would be to shoot it with a bean bag round or in the butt with a pellet gun. I'd prefer to make the cat die. The state is now hiring professional hunters and trappers to fix the problem that they caused by messing with the game laws but that's still n not keeping big cats out of the cities...

I knew an old gunsmith (now off to the happy hunting grounds) that told me the way to bring down a big cat was to let you dogs tree it and then shoot it through the lungs with a .22 short. The idea was to make the animal bleed out but not be hurt so much that it would bolt and run. He said that a cat shot with a big rifle could run a couple miles before it would expire. Anyway old Ferdinand said that after about a half hour the cat would pass out and fall out of the tree...

So I did miss speak when I said gut shoot but rather a low powered wound that would let the cat expire elsewhere relatively soon.

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