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Okay. I have been looking around a lot more, and I am curious yet again.

Spikes Tactical.

I have had them recommended a few times. Their guns are pretty reasonably priced, and apparently mil spec as it gets. How are they about honoring warranties? Good customer service?

Next question. How can Spikes, BCM, and Palmetto, offer such high quality rifles for so much less than say Daniel Defense? They are also cheaper than Smith and Wesson in some respects, and the S&W is an inferior rifle just by looking at the materials. Spikes offers a 41V50 barrel. Smith is a 4140. I rest my case. These seem like great rifles and the prices are pretty amazing, so I have to ask. What is the catch? Also is a Daniel Defense worth the ridiculous price tag for a rifle that does not even come with sights? And if so are companies like Spikes, BCM and Palmetto, a better value?
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