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I had awful luck with the CZ74B and the Kadet kit.

The purpose of the 22 Long Rifle hand gun is to provide a low recoil learning gun. The Ruger 22/45 is a very reliable gun. I have one with a 4" barrel and it's a very good shooter. This gun, or one like it, will help you learn to shoot.

I recommend the SIG P220 or P227, which is SIG's new handgun in 45 ACP with 10 round capacity. 45 ACP is a very accurate round and is easy to reload. It meets the minimum barrel length restriction and is an accurate gun. You can get this gun in a single-action only version if you do not want to learn the double action trigger. If you're limited to 10 rounds, you may as well go with a gun that shoots large, heavy bullets.

There are many very good guns available. You could try a double action revolver, but they require quite a bit of dedication and discipline to master. I recommend you try a gun built around a ten round magazine. Quite a few guns in 40 S&W and 357 SIG are built around such magazines.
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