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While I am still learning and re-learning, I will offer this to you: following the advice of DPris is absolutely essential first steps that other good advice can then be incorporated.

And concerning appleseed, which is a phenomenal experience- go after youve practiced much of what you read here. Yes, you can go and have a great experience; but as a person trying to learn how to proper shooting techniques, I found (in my one visit a couple years back), that the solid techniques taught were like an avalanche of new skills that one immediately had to employ under timed drills. And just to be straight up, it was frusrating to me sometimes. But, thats just me and I definitely plan to go back someday. But my 10/22 and I will be much better acquainted, not to mention a couple upgrades on the trigger and sites that have made shooting so much better.

Good luck.
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