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I really don't see more restrictions passing in either house in Illinois. There was strong support for a far less restrictive carry law, it was just a few votes short of the super majority needed for home rule preemption. Because of the required super majority a minority of lawmakers were able to get the restrictions in the bill.

Now that that's out of the way the only changes I see happening to the law is it becomes less restrictive - such as getting rid of the ban on carrying in parks. But that only happens with a pro-gun Governor, since an anti will surely veto such changes.

What people not from Illinois often fail to understand is that it is only Chicago and Cook County that has strong anti-gun sentiment, downstate they're as pro gun as just about any state you pick. Republican or Democrat, it really makes no difference downstate - they are by and large strongly pro gun.

I don't see any changes in the near term, and long term I think it gets less restrictive as people get used to concealed carry and realize the Chicken Little "sky is falling", blood in the streets wild west scenario just isn't happening.

I think the table is also set for a GOP governor next election if they play their cards right - meaning get a pro gun GOP candidate who is a moderate on the social issues that will doom a GOP candidate here. The incumbent anti-gun Gov. Quinn is extremely unpopular, and his likely challenger is Bill Daley. I can't imagine that anyone with the name "Daley" gets enough support downstate to win the general election. Even here in Chicago people are leery, having experienced the complete mess his brother made of the city's finances.

So sit tight folks, the future is actually looking pretty good from where I sit. Just be patient!
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