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The anti's in Illinois just want to delay as long as possible, they also hope to add as many restrictions to the law as possible. This fall session they will introduce numerous restrictions to the bill before any permits have been issued, such a mag limits, church carry ban, ban in all restaurants that serve alcohol, etc...

With a carry law in place they will only need majority votes in house and senate to pass them as the governor will sign any restrictions that pass.

While the converse is not true as the governor will veto any pro-carry legislation that passes by majority votes.

There are majorities in house in senate who are pro-carry but it will still be a battle to stop many of the new proposed restrictions.

However, it is and will remain a shall issue law and in the Spring of 2014 permits will start being issued.

I would like to see the state lose this case and be required to allow CCW based on FOID carry until they start issuing permits, but I doubt that will happen. I think the state will successfully with the aid of the court drag this out until it is moot or the court will rule for the state.
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