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Thank you,

I assumed not, but I am no expert on failures in this gun, learning as I go.
To me that is what appeared to happen because the trigger would not engage, but I guess it could have simply not been set, and the next round manually charged would have corrected that. That actually makes more sense....

Forward assist would not help, no trigger click, so your suggestion could be right on point.

They did extract without issue and no change in feel or additional resistance, with no signs of issue with the round, likewise same rounds had no primer dimple so I reloaded them and they fired without issue on subsequent runs.

So what would be the solution, or mitigation per se, heavier ammo, heavier buffer (My assumption is this would slow it a little, give it more time?), lighter buffer (My assumption here is that it would cycle further? I have a 3oz carbine buffer/spring)
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