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Ok, to address 2 things here;
#1 for Buzzcook. I am very familiar with Sir Samuel Bakers gun. It was just what you read. It's however a 4 bore shooting bullets (shells) not a 2 bore. I had a full set of piucs of it. It's now in the Tower of London museum in England.
#2 for Myfirends410. You are indeed correct about Colin Stolzer. He is a friend of mine and in fact, he's my old apprentice. I taught him the art of Gunsmithing for several years when he used to live in Riverton and later in Thermopolis Wyoming. But I made a 2 bore before he ever did. If anyone doubts that, ask him.
Here is his e-mail address. cst[email protected]

He and I still talk about 4-5 times a week. He is now 100% on his own and his ski9lls no longer need my guidance. He's made all of the 2 bore rifles SPORTING we can find in existence except the 1st one, which I made for a man named Ken, in Illinois a few years ago, which is in the pictures above.
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