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Interesting. I'm also in Arkansas, and that's the first I've ever heard of a law saying a merchant might try to keep me from leaving his store. You'd think they would have mentioned it in those wasted years I was incarcerated in the public school system...

I set the detectors off regularly; to the point that I no longer even slow down when gimping out the door. I started setting them off in the 1980s after I wound up with a bunch of orthopedic steel. I was mildly in favor of the magstrip/RFID systems when I heard about them, figuring they might cut down on false alerts. Doesn't seem to have happened, though.

Back when I patronized the local video store, every item was magstripped. The checkers would pass them over the demagnetizer, which worked with, best as I could tell, a 90% success rate. Meaning every second or third trip, the alarms would sound as I walked out the door.

The checkers eventually knew me as "the guy who stands between the sensors, waving the bag back and forth, causing massive commotion." Hey, I was paying for entertainment, and that entertained me...
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