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My Range

Well not really mine, but its close. 1.5 miles from the house. A large abandoned gravel pit on BLM land. Seldom do I find anyone else shooting here.

Normally I shoot in my back yard where I can get to 400, I only have targets set up to 300 yards. For longer range, I load up my shooting gear in my ATV trailer and head to the gravel pit.

I was out practicing for the un-coming CMP Garand and Vintage Sniper Match in Cody come Sept. and decided to share some pictures.

This first picture is my blind I set up so I can shoot in the shade (it gets hot and I'm wimpy). Also all my brass stays inside the blind.....handy when there is snow on the ground. The blind is a "full draw" model, meaning I can stand in the shade for offhand practice.

Below, the gravel pile is 100 yards from my position. Beyond that, in the cut in the ridge is 600 yards (distance I'll be shooting the VSM).

This picture is to the rear of my position. You can see the highway, a line across the picture just beyond those trees. You can easily get 1200 yards if you stay closer to the highway.

This one was taking looking NW. Another part of the pit also on BLM, you can easily get 2000+ to the first pit, the second one will get you a mile or more.

Its handy being close to home, no limits, not crowded. I take portable steel targets and can get them set up just about anywhere by hauling them on the ATV. Easily access.

Also, you can get some good dry fire practice at antelope who seem to like to watch you shoot.
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