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Steyr 1912 (Hahn)

I bought one of these guys online a couple days ago, just waiting on it to arrive at this point. They are neat old stripper-clip fed guns that saw service in WWI and in lesser police roles during WWII. They are recoil operated locked breech guns in 9mm Steyr, a chambering extremely close to 9mm Largo. Their action employees a rotating barrel, in the vein of the Beretta PX4. Aside from a safety mechanism that isn't the world's most durable (not like I'd be using it much at the range anyway), they look to be very well designed and built sidearms.

Stock Photo

Alongside the other clip fed beast, the C96 Mauser

Photo from the actual listing. The pistol comes with a nice box, as well as custom or aftermarket wood grip scales. I personally think they suit the pistol better than the checkered originals. This one is an Austrian Army issue model, tastefully import stamped, still in 9mm Steyr.

Contrary to what I was expecting, there actually appears to be a modicum of aftermarket support for these guns (a modicum is a very small amount ). An Austrian company makes repro barrels in 9mm Para as well as Steyr, and also extended barrel versions.

Which got me thinking; has anyone here heard of one being rechambered to 7.62x25 with either a new barrel or by sleeving? Most 7.62 and 9mm Largo pistols are capable of being converted to each other's ammunition, I'm curious if the same is true for the very similar Steyr. 7.62x25 is spec'd as .040 longer than 9mm Steyr, but I suspect that there is some extra room in the magwell, and that some tok is shorter than others. Seems like a great alternative to the too-rare-and-expensive-to-shoot broomhandle

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