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Hey Ross

Well, I did finally find some 9mm Luger ammunition in my preferred 124 grain (American Eagle.) I seem to purchase my ammo from the same fellow, who is at EVERY central PA gun show, just as I am!

PMC and Winchester are nice for plinking, too, but they are just 115 grain. I've been advised on numerous occasions that 115 grain is really the lower threshold of what I should be feeding my Glock 19. I just feel more comfortable feeding Greta a round that has a few more nutrients in it.

["Greta??" (snicker snicker) "Looky - that Tall Man fellow names his guns! Har har!"]

Yea, well I'm sure some folks reading this post have assigned de facto anthropomorphic properties to certain objects in their possession, too.

I also purchased the requisite MRE - Chicken w/noodles and vegatables this time. These things are still a novelty to me, and for $3.00 you just get so many goodies!

Maybe I'll see you & Son at the next show...I believe it's at Sports City in Harrisburg in July.

Tall Man
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