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Should've Never Picked Up That SCAR17

Saw one for $2800 at LGS the other day and now I'm torn. To get it I'd have to sell my M1A, which I love and have no other reason to part with. I also shot my first deer two years ago with my M1A which makes it that much harder to part with.

That said I recently realized I've been trying to turn my M1A into something it's not. I have an order with McCann industries for a carbon fiber stock to make it lighter, give it forward rails, a pistol grip, and an adjustable stock... basically a SCAR 17. And the issue of how to mount an optic has been driving me nuts, can't seem to find anything low enough for my liking.

Whichever rifle I end up with I plan to hunt Tennessee and Georgia deer with.

Really feeling pretty torn here y'all, anyone care to help me decide?
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