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Again, they lie. When the big deer kill off started in the 80's the PGC admitted by the second year (Gary Alt himself) that too many button bucks were being killed. The answer was to "Shoot only big doe". It has been one lie after another with them. How about the big shake up a few years ago with fraud, misuse of funds and equipment, and illegal killing of deer by BOARD MEMBERS? Ask them about that and they act like it never happened, but a couple of people resigned to avoid getting burned. As the PGC is not a government branch, they can not be internally investigated except by themselves. The biggest sportsman organization in Pa. started a lawsuit against the PGC for poor deer management. Do you think that they kept any kind of a survey from those hunters? The people that work for the PGC are not all idiots, but enough of them are arrogant fools.
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