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Primers not seating?

I just loaded up a batch of 7 mag rounds using Federal magnum primers. I noticed that the primer actually sits back farther than the end of the shell casing. If I set it on the table the primer will hit the flat surface before the casing. It is only sticking out by a hair, but I tend to send the bolt home pretty hard to ensure consistency. I'm worried that I might set the round off while chambering.

I will obviously only chamber a round at the range with the gun pointed in a safe direction. But I would also like to know if this is normal with magnum primers. This is my first time using them.

The round on the left in this picture is an unfired factory round. You can see how the primer is fully inside the primer pocket. The one on the right is how mine came out. It's hard to tell in the picture but it is not fully inside the pocket. Is this normal or safe?

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