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How did it shoot with the peep sight on it?
Fine, out to 100 yds or so.
Past that I couldn't see the target as well as with a scope.
For the calibers I had, it seemed a shame to limit them to 100 yds.
Years ago, I made up a M98 light sporter in 7x57. I wanted to use an aperture sight on it. At the time, Lyman (I think), had such a sight with a brass ring around the inside of the aperture that was supposed to make it easier to use in dim conditions. A buck appeared at twilight in the swamp at about 60 yds., despite the fact that I got him and he fell in his tracks, it became very apparent that it was very difficult to get a good aim at him.
During my lifetime, I have shoot most of my deer at twilight and I learned that if you go with aperture or open sights, you are giving-up prime-time shooting opportunities.
We learned to shoot using our M1 Garands in the daylight, but hunting light is seldom as ideal as the broad daylight of Basic Training. If it is for hunting, you are better off with a scope.
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