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"3x is not enough for anything over 200 yds."

I beg to differ. Longest shot I ever made on a deer was 427 paces with a .308 wearing an El Paso Weaver K3. Just this last January my 3x9X Leupold was set on 3X when I shot my elk. Distance was 350 Yards. I probably would have set it to a higher power but the elk was very nervous and looked like it was about to bolt. Two quick jumps at it would have been into heavy timber.
This hunt was a cull hunt and the elk were very spooky having been hunted hard for the previous three months. My hunting partner had to take a running shot at 317 yards laser measure affter the shot. Two years prior to that I shot my elk at 150 yards running full tilt. Scope was set at 3X that time as well.
I'll be doing another of these hunts come next January and odds are the scope will bet set on 3X once again. These are private ranch hunts.
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