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Last year, there was a thread about shooting light bullets in an M1A. I am trying to work up a similar load for my FALs, and would like some feedback.

My last experiment was 125gr Speer TNT over 49 - 50.5gr of Win748. Rifle is a 20" barrel FAL. Environment was 5000' elevation, temp approx 50F. Brass is Winchester, primers are CCI.

Control, Radway Green surplus: 2761, 2701, 2686, 2701, av 2712, dev 33

49gr 2943 2939 2948 2940 2920 av 2938 dev 10.7
49.5gr 2958 2991 2946 2948 2980 av 2965 dev 20
50gr 3046 3045 3044 3013 2990 av 3028 dev 25.2
50.5gr 3008 3091 3081 3057 3027 av 3053 dev 35

This rifle shoots Federal Gold Match 168gr at about 2581 fps.

If I examine the case heads for "damage" due to extraction, the case heads from the 49.5gr load are pretty close to Fed. Golt Match loads. However, the 49.5gr loads are not enough to lock back the bolt on the last round in the magazine.

My feeling is to go with 49gr and just tune the gas port to attain proper operation. Does this seem like a reasonable load for this rifle?

I am moving from the TNTs to Nosler 125gr ballistic tips for better feed reliability, and my next experiment will be 47 .. 49.5 gr of W748.

I also have some IMR4064 and 4895, if these would be more appropriate. Win748 is very consistent in my powder dispenser (RCBS).

Would it be better to just forget this idea and stick with 150gr bullets? Should I be using a "harder" primer, to avoid slam-fires? I do notice a small mark on unfired rounds ejected from the chamber. Any suggestions?

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