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now that most of the standard velocity match/target ammo has either disappeared or costs a fortune, can the volquartsen custom, since it is built off of the ruger frame even though it has its own upper, match the ruger's reputation for shooting just about anything well and without jamming? anyone have any input regarding this volq custom and a steady diet of blazer or federal hv ammo going through it for long periods of time and accuracy/malfunction experiences? thank you.
Based on what I buy, quality .22 LR standard velocity ammo is what is most available. The junk .22 HV is what seems like has increased in price the most and is being bought up by the pubic the most. If you purchase a quality pistol, why shoot crap ammo through it just to save very little money. If you can buy a brick of quality .22 SV for like $50, why shoot junk that is now going for like $35 or more.
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