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Originally Posted by tahunua
how do you challenge yourselves on hunts when the same ole hunt gets boring?
I'm never bored when I'm in the woods, and I've been hunting for five decades. When I'm in the woods, it's about relaxation. Taking it easy, going slow, seeking a more harmonious outcome. The venison is secondary at this stage of my life. It's also about exploration, seeing what's over that next hill, or watching the water swirl in a deep pool.

I remember challenging myself and others when I was younger, and it's right and proper that we do so. I hunted exclusively with a traditional caplock for ten years, for all game, fur and feather. Had a wonderful time doing that. I also actively seeked my legal limit for several years. Have you ever shot so many rabbits that it took two trips to get them out of the woods? Have you ever been so deep in a wooded swamp that it took two days to find the truck? I wasn't lost, but I was a mite confused. Have you ever limited yourself to one round of ammunition? By that I mean that you leave the house with a rifle and just exactly one cartridge?

Challenges are fun, but I'm past all that. But, oh, the memories. Nowadays I like to get out of the truck before daylight, test the wind, and slip into the woods. I might spend four hours and not go a hundred yards, or I might come out on the other side of the section and have to hitchhike back to the truck. I've got a box stand for rainy days, but that's mainly for napping.
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