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Nice... there is an alley behind my home where we set the trash out. 6:45AM I am rolling the can to the curb and 2 guys were walking toward me. One asked, "hey whats in the can". I backed up and smiled, put my right hand in my pocket and said, "trash"... their reply was a soft laugh and a "that's cool"... corrected their path and kept on moving. I didn't have anything in my pocket but I do know body language can speak louder than words.... especially when words might be inappropriate for that moment.

Another interview happened in front of my house in the afternoon. A man dressed in a white suit was telling me a story about his transmission going out and needing money for a bus. I'll bet I told him 4 times I didn't have any money but would be happy to call 911 so they could assist him. He DID NOT want me calling 911.

These people are unbelievable. Even the slightest bit of assertiveness with these d-bags can be the line between being a victim and not being a victim.

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