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The full story...

I agree100%.
Don't be swayed by a sad sack story or believe every bit of information you may hear from some person you just meet or may encounter on the street.
I've done LE & security work long enough to avoid those pitfalls.
About 6 years ago, I was doing a armed security post at a low end hotel, I had contact with a younger guy(mid 20s) who claimed his vehicle was "stolen" from a local Walmart lot & "abandoned" in the hotel parking lot.
The windshield was smashed in & there was blood on the auto glass.
The guy was amped up & was very "upset" .
A state trooper who did the traffic investigation later informed me the young man & his girl-friend(a corrections officer) lied to cover up a hit & run!
The driver hit a woman on the street & drove the damaged vehicle to the hotel property. The couple then called LE saying the car was stolen.
The victim was in a ICU .
The guy's "act" almost worked but neither the state trooper or me would buy it.
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