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Sarge and Brian,

The PGC is not a government entity. They constantly pad the figures and lie. It is a nice survey you looked at, but don't you think the PGC should have contacted people that quit hunting? Before the big deer kill in the 80's, there was supposed to be 38 deer per square wooded mile in PA. Two years of record kills and it was still at that number? I have had a PGC rep tell me that they never even made that claim. All things numbers and figures just go away here.
What trophy hunting is doing is slowly going back to the "King's deer" line of thought. Healthier deer herd my ass. Until this year the only CWD reported in PA was in animals that were raised in captivity. I will give the PGC their dues, as soon as CWD hit the east, they tried to stop the importation of deer from other states. The PGC knows the problem was started by trophy "Hunting" clubs but is too polite to say so (And they all support PGC regs). WV is loaded with these clubs and has had CWD for quite a few years now. I bet it would not be long until your trophy "Hunters" would want to inject some "Quality" into the genetics of local deer herds that don't seem to be getting bigger. There were always big deer in PA, but trophy "Hunters" want stupid deer that they can easily shoot over a clover patch. When PA changed the laws allowing bowhunting into the rut it was the same thing. All these guys ran out and bought compound bows so they could "Challenge" themselves. What a bunch of crap. They just found out how easy it was to kill a big buck with a bow during the rut. The funny part is, most of those guys would have tarred and feathered somebody that talked bow hunting back in the early 60's. I know, I was using a recurve at the time. I am proud of some of the smaller bucks I pulled out of the woods. It is amazing how smart a deer can get in 2-3 years. When will man learn that there is almost always some kind of adverse reaction for messing with nature.
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