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In the past, Freestone, Polk, Anderson , Van Zandt, Stephens, Palo Pinto, San Saba, Brown, Mills, Llano, Burnett, McColluch, Mason, Menard. Not on a lease at present, need to start looking, got 2 grandsons 7 & 3, they want to go.
Best place I hunted was in Brown Co. We started on the place it was overpopulated, probably still is, we had some meat hunters that took all 4 deer allowed, we had a few hunters looking for trophy deer, we took every kid we knew down to kill their first deer and more after that. After a few years we got better bucks. Several 140 plus deer. Didn't seem like we could kill enough does, no matter how many we took, still was covered up.
Nos operor non pensio volutabrum
(We don't rent pigs)
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