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Heres what my experience has been.

Tung. Dries hard to a glossy finish.

Raw Linseed. Never really dries, semi-matte/semi-glossy finish. Easiest touch up if marked.

Boiled linseed.
Dries faster (overnight) but a bit shinier than raw, not as shiny as Tung.

Theres one final one.
"Old London Oil" a 50/50 raw linseed & Shellac mix you make yourself. Shiniest of all looks like a modern synthetic finish but retains the wood's texture & feel. The shellac dries, but the extra linseed needs to be wiped off the next morning.
WARNING if you make this yourself it is flammable & capable of self iginition. Only make as much as you need & don't throw rags with it on in the regular trash.

Hope that's helpfull.
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