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Originally Posted by steve4102
Originally Posted by Vanya
Their insurance company, on the other hand, can make them do anything it wants.
Not really. Could they require a sign saying "No Blacks" allowed, or "No Gays" Allowed, even "No Women" allowed? I think Not.
Sorry, but this is a false analogy. It should go without saying that an insurance company can't force a client to do something illegal. Those groups are protected classes under Minnesota law; concealed carry permit holders are not, and in any case, the sign is a ban on a class of inanimate objects, not a class of people. Businesses may, for example, require people to wear shirts or shoes; they have the option of conforming to the requirement if they really want to enter the premises -- or not.

None of this is to say that I approve; it seems very odd that a veterans' group wouldn't support gun rights, and I'm suggesting a possible explanation.

ETA: Brian, Minnesota has a strong civil rights law, and it would be very hard to justify any such discrimination in premises that are open to the public.
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