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Originally Posted by spacemanspiff
Did you bother to go in and ask why they banned guns?
This sign was brought to my attention by the host of our Local Morning Talk Radio show. He is a Veteran and organizes fund raiser and the like for Veterans and the less fortunate.

Last week he was organizing another fund raiser Spaghetti feed at the Legion when he bumped into this sign for the first time. The following Monday the topic was brought up on his talk show by a concerned caller. He voiced his concerns as well and ask if any "Board" members would like to call in and comment on the reasons for the sign.

It didn't take long for a Board member to call in and explain the reason for the sign. According to this board member the Legion is "Required" by Law to post the sign as it is Illegal in MN to carry a firearm in a business that serves Alcohol.

This is of course not true as it is legal to carry in bars and restaurants with a permit in the State of MN.

Yeah, I know that liquor and gun's don't mix, but to tell members they cannot carry with a big A sign just open's them up to be robbed or the patron's to be assaulted/mugged in the parking lot. This Legion is also located in one of the worst neighborhoods in town. I personally would not be in that parking lot alone and unarmed at night, Especially with a Billboard telling every low-life in the area that I am a Sitting Duck.

I didn't work for movie goers and it didn't work for Teachers and students, what makes them think it will work for Old Retired Veterans.

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