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DaleA: I would LOVE to shoot one of those rifle. Perhaps one of these days. I'll in to those manuals, and as of last night I have sling studs, swivels, and an Appleseed specification sling on the way.

idek: Thank you for answering the accuracy vs precision question. That's precisely the distinction that I had in mind. I'm planning on attending a local Appleseed shoot after the end of my current work season.

big al: Thanks for the tip. It hadn't occurred to me that a rifle could be sighted for different sight pictures. I'll keep this in mind next time I head out to practice.

allaroundhunger: They're somewhat adjustable. The rifle in question is an old K-mart/Squires Bingham Model 20, with the old-school ramp sights. I might end up trying one of those color-changing targets, just to get a clearer idea of how the thing is currently sighted.
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