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I don't know what the worth on your carbine is, I've seen some .43 spanish rolling blocks going for about $300-400 around local gunshows. With time and money and a lot of skilled work, you could build the rifle of your dreams off of your old rolling block. Action modifications could stretch the limits of your imagination. I have no doubt that the end result could put any of the modern rolling blocks to shame as far as looks go. But than again, it would cost money. If you know what your doing you could do much of the work yourself and than let the appropriate gunsmith(s) finish the work to your specs, this would save money. In the end if you just want a shooter I would probably consider buying a new Pedersoli, these are really nice, if you want the 50-110 than it would be cheaper to rebarrel the Pedersoli to this caliber than it would be to make the modifications on your own gun.
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