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Old Iron, I have owned two of Pietta's "Shooters Models" over the last decade or so and they are very accurate. The first one I bought in the early '90s, and though it was the most accurate pistol I have ever fired, including both cap 'n ball and modern cartridge revolvers, had a problem with the cylinder pin not fitting quite right so I sold it about 10 years ago. The second one I bought from Cabelas around 2005 when they still carried them. Very accurate, though for some reason, not quite as accurate as the first one, it uses a .457 ball. Very nicely finished with a silver trigger guard and authentic Remington 1858 stampings on the barrel.

Around a decade ago, I had a top notch cap 'n ball gunsmith (his name now escapes me) do an action job on a late '90s standard Cabelas Pietta 58 Remington, including cutting the forcing cone to 11 degrees and it is almost as accurate as the Shooters Model. In fact, I like it better and shoot it more often.
Is there anyone on this forum, that does that kind of "gunsmithing",.... I think they could do a pretty good business modifying some of our Pietta's.

I've got two new Pietta 1858's, and I'd be interested in getting the chambers "reamed", plus getting the forcing cone cut to 11 degrees, and the muzzle "crowned", on at least one of them.
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