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I think Coonan certainly has a "chance" to fill the qualifications that I laid... and I only say such a thing simply because Coonan has failed in the past.

Please believe me when I say that I pray it won't happen, because I'm a tremendous fan of the pistol and the whole dang operation. I personally believe that these are good people that turn out a fantastic product that simply isn't just "another handgun" out there amongst so many. It's "familiar" but yet so different than most anything on the market, and it manages to pull all that off in an almost "normal" sized handgun that is not freakish looking or one that makes even a casual non-gun person do a double-take and drop a jaw. (like, for example, an X-frame S&W or a Desert Eagle or a Rhino)

Given the history of the operation and how it did indeed fail in the past, it would seem to be wishful thinking to claim that it couldn't happen again.

Someone posted around these forums quite some time ago that they used a careful plan when re-introducing this wonderful gun. I had asked why it's not splashed on every magazine cover and being splattered high & low and the answer made a heap of sense: you can kill an operation when you stir up far more demand than you can possibly deliver given the situation. Coonan took a more rational approach and built a number of these pistols and their only advertising in the early stages of this current go-round was word of mouth.

It wasn't until the last two years of setting up at the SHOT show that Coonan has been piling up the orders and building a tremendous backlog of demand. My dealer recently indicated that a number of pistols have shipped (which he had mostly presold!) and that others are coming in. That's fantastic news for a guy like me that wants to see them live long and prosper.

But to think that a small operation like Coonan (2013) couldn't fail in some way and end up ceasing production and closing doors -- that would be to ignore our history, and to specifically ignore Coonan's own history.
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