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I have hunted several areas of Texas. Some covered with deer, some you see three deer a season. It's my belief that the AR's in the east Texas area have worked very well. Some good bucks coming from there now.

Looking at a broad view, deer management is like ranching or farming. The land you control has a carrying capacity for deer, say it is 100 animals. You have 150 animals on your place, they are in poor condition, and the range is in poor condition, just like if you had too many cows. First step, reduce the herd. Since the buck:doe ratio is most likely out of whack, kill does. Get the herd to capacity while working the buck:doe ratio. Get that ratio down to 1:2 or so, and let the bucks grow (think of it, 30 to 40 bucks per 100 deer). Five years later or so, with the buck:doe ratio high, those inferior bucks won't be allowed to breed, and you will have a lot of mature bucks. If you could see the breeding competition on well managed ranches, you would believe. There is a little more to it than what I have written, but most successful farmers and ranchers manage their herd an crops like this. You don't have to have high fences to make this happen, if neighbor ranches all do the same thing, or large tracts of public land, you must have compliance. and if managed properly you will be rewarded with a healthier herd with better bucks.
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