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Well, Sarge, I think the difference between you and me in this discussion is that I'm trying to get data and answers and you're putting words in my mouth and making assumptions about my intents.

I ask a bunch of questions and I get no answers beyond anecdotes. If folks want to base their opinions on the anecdotes of their neighbors or their own limited observations, that's all well and good, I suppose, but they ought not be surprised when they're not convincing to others.

I haven't said a thing about what MO should do with their deer herd, nor NY.

I've just asked, what is the better answer than APRs? The answer, apparently, is that the old free-for-all is better. Average buck ages of 1 1/2 years, much (usually most) breeding done by young bucks (because there are few to no mature ones) and herd ratios of 5-10:1 are, apparently, considered better.

I'm convinced that I'm not going to get a better answer than that and I've quite thoroughly (and with real data) presented my side of the argument, which is that APRs seem to work better and not that this or any other state "should" use them. So I'm dropping out of this one, unless someone should address a direct question to me.
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