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The "Earn a Buck System" sounds good on paper...but some hunter's will check in phantom doe deer --- by just phoning in to the check station --- without even scratching a hide nor hair of a doe deer, which would them give them a go-ahead too bag a buck.

I prefer shooting mature bucks, because they carry more tasty venison on the hoof, compared to a scrawny --- sometimes dog sized --- spike or doe; which would also give me a fresh set of rattling antlers.

My major that a majority of mature bucks that have racks --- but lack brow tines --- will forever for they're entire lives, lack the formation of brow tines. Because of this.... I prefer to cull mature bucks that lack brow tines; and any APR's on these kind of bucks will cause the genetics of these bucks to proliferate in the gene pool.

Piebald deer...are a sign of inbreeding.
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