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Originally Posted by Sarge
In the end I think it comes down to whether you think more regulation is the answer to a contrived 'problem'- or that Joe Regular is an idiot because he shot a forkhorn that he actually has a tag for.
It's funny, because the same guys who oppose the APRs tend to point to the fact that hunters are (supposedly) dissatisfied with APRs because the bucks actually get smaller. Yet, the argument is that trying to manage the herd for larger bucks is a "contrived" problem. So, do these hunters want or not want bigger bucks?

Where does the pressure to institute APRs come from? Most hunters I know want bigger bucks. The size of the herd is a false argument without data. I've never known a hunter who thought there were enough deer. Ever. Not even hunters who hunt in places where people can't grow any plant that deer can eat because every living, digestible thing gets chewed to nubs.

Joe Regular isn't an idiot for shooting a forkhorn. Joe Regular is an idiot because he whines all summer about how he saw 3 deer all of last year and hasn't seen a "shooter" buck in 10 years and then when deer season rolls around he gets his two doe tags and his buck tag and kills two doe and the forkhorn and then next summer whines that he doesn't see any deer and never sees any "shooter" bucks.

I don't necessarily think that "more regulation is the answer" but I've 3 times now (at least) asked for a suggestion of what the answer is and I've heard NOTHING. Just complaints about APRs.
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