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Thanks for all the replies, I knew it would be a hot subject. I just always enjoying going to say a Browning section to read about my Buckmarks or say a S&W model 41 in the S&W thread. I visit approximately 10 different forums a day. I did not mean to imply that you would compete with RFC just like the way their site is set up. I am not downing this site, it was just a friendly suggestion and a thought. Most forums are, not every forum are set up by brands and so on. Maybe I am just not use to this set up and it will grow on me. I would have sent a private message to the staff and not posted it but I honestly could not find a contact staff link or anything close. I was not trying to make anyone feel I was trashing the site that was the last thing I would like to do. I would just like to see some changes, but as you can see I am pretty new to the site as far as replies and posts part of that is do to I would rather read about comments and guns that I own and not every make and model out there. I really appreciate all the staff that responded and thank you for the in site.
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