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Reminington Model 1916 & 1917

Your first responder to your thread was dead on. That is a 1916 contract MN, caliber 7.62 x 54R.. Not even close to the 1917 Remington...The 1917 Remington is nearly identical to the British 1914. When America entered WWI, we has 600,00 1903 Springfields, and needed weapons badly. The British contract was still open and the U S, assumed the contract, twekked the rifle making it the standard (.30 cal) 30-06 vs the British .303R. The 1917 served with distinction during the war, but always had the stigma of being a British rifle, with the troops. Believe the 1917 was manufactured by Remington, Winchester, and Eddystone..Correct me if I am wrong, guys..
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