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how do you challenge yourself?

hello all,
there comes a time in every hunter's life where making the same hunt year after year begins to become tedious. for me that was last year. so this year I've been setting a number of challenges for myself.

this spring I decided I was going to call in my turkey for the first time and use my 80 year old Arisaka carbine in it's original open sights and 6.5x50mm to get my first black bear.

both challenges were met and conquered. now for deer season I will be hunting deer with my AR15s, my extra doe tag will be filled with the 9mm and the either/or will be with the standard 5.56. reasons being that teh 9mm will require careful stalking and close range shots and the 5.56 requiring extra attention to good shot placement.

how do you challenge yourselves on hunts when the same ole hunt gets boring?
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