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"shoot to stop" vs "shoot to kill"....

While I agree the main point of carrying a sidearm or learning how to properly use it is the "shoot to stop" mindset, I think there is value in reinforcement of the use of lethal force when carrying a firearm.
Students or armed citizens should not think they can draw a handgun & "wound" a violent attacker in a split second. They should train & be fully prepared to deploy lethal force if required to stop a attack.
I'm not saying you stand over a felon & go to slide-lock with a pistol but you shouldn't get the delusion that you can "wing" a bad guy or shoot the knife/gun out of their hand like some B movie cowboy.

Years ago, I watched a cable documentary where a young woman was taking a gun class. On the range she was aiming at the head of the target. She explained to her instructor that she wanted to make "lethal shots". The gun class instructor(correctly) explained to the armed citizen that the human head is a small, narrow target & easy to miss. He also said the point of carrying a weapon is to defend yourself not to kill people.
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