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Simple, taking your opponent to the ground negates a whole myriad of advantages the opponent has. His mobility and abilities to manipulate his weapon including his choices of direction of fire, vision, target, selection, etc. are immediately and significantly reduced once you take him/her to the ground. The opponent is left trying to defend his gun more so than trying to continue shooting people. An opponent on the ground can be more controlled than an opponent that is on his/her feet.

sure... and striking him with your fists and elbows can do the same thing. To use a tackle as a method of force pales in comparison to hard strikes. If you tackle someone, you will most certainly have to follow up with something to take them out of the fight. This while you have handicapped yourself being on the ground with them. People can do what they want but if I am forced to fight some nut with a gun, I am going full tilt boogie- right out of the gate and try and take him out of the fight quickly and with the first few blows (if I am lucky). I am not going to waste time trying to grapple on the ground.
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