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WV does spot checks. All deer must be checked at a station. Not all deer are checked by the DCNR. They randomly set up at check stations with mobile equipment and check a couple hundred. You don't get "Spike". If a deer has 15" long antlers and no brow tines with a couple 1/2" to 3/4" nubs, it is still considered a spike in Pa. and WV. The bizarre thing is these screwed up deer are in the same area the big boys are. I already saw fawns during rifle season that could not have gone over 35 pounds. Honest to god the fawns back came up to about the belly of the mother doe. It is just as if there are two different breeds of deer.
You can't separate herd reduction and AR programs. I hunted Maryland, WV, and Pa. for years. All three either went to AR's or are in the process. They all started out with herd reduction. The hunting went to **** on public land, including less "Quality deer". AR's only work on private or controlled property. If you want to do that on your property fine. I have been paying into hunting for a long time and that money goes to state land. I don't need a couple of elitists telling me how to hunt. I know people that hunt with compound and crossbows. Not for me, but I still hunt with them and don't rag on them, even though the compound bow has helped to ruin bow hunting in Pa.
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